We come from the depths of the forest and we do not want our activity to harm our natural habitat. That’s why the fabric we use for our shirts, even for the labels, is 100% recycled. Also the shipping packaging is made of recycled material too.


May the only footprint we leave be that of our feet in the mud. That is why we eliminate the carbon footprint of our products by manufacturing in proximity. Absolutely everything is produced in Barcelona, avoiding transport from distant places.


Everything has been manufactured, guaranteeing decent work for the people who have been involved in the design and manufacturing process. Because there can’t be a better world if we don’t travel on a ship that we’re all wellcome on board.

What's recycled polyester?

Circular economy
The 100% recycled polyester fabric of the Flying Burrito shirts is a fabric with the same qualities as any other virgin polyester fabric, but in our case the origin is from fibers from PET plastic bottles and polyester clothing that people have thrown into the rubbish bins.
By recycling plastic we not only avoid generating waste, but we also reduce gas emissions, because in the production process of recycled polyester, 75% less CO2 is generated than in the production of virgin polyester. At the same time, new oil is not needed in its manufacture, so we reduce the consumption of this non-renewable energy, as well as the environmental footprint generated by its extraction and transportation to our country.
By the way! And not only the fabric of the clothes is 100% recycled, but even that of the labels and shipping bags.

Designed in the deepest of the Pyrinees forests.
Produced in Barcelona.

Flying Burrito is a brand that has its roots in the north of the province of Barcelona, just where the Pyrenees begin. In a mountainous area, populated by thick forests. Perhaps due to the fact that we grew up like wolves, running through nature from a young age, we did not conceive of the idea of creating a project like Flying Burrito if it is not being faithful to our values of respect for the planet. For this reason, apart from using only recycled materials, all our products are manufactured in Barcelona. Seeking in this way to avoid transport by eliminating the CO2 footprint.